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Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) :

10 year experience for Set-Top box testing HW & SW.

  • Tuner Testing. HW outputs/components.
  • Testing Drivers, Middleware and Applications.
  • DVR functions, VOD applications, Web Browser, HbbTV applications, TV Portal.


    Alcatel S12 Digital Telephone Exchange:

    16+ years general experience in Service Centre, Research & Development, Testing of HW-SW.



    Research & Development

    20+ years telecommunications experience merging advanced technical, analytical product acceptance, develop new markets and products, and build strong business alliances globally.






    UNITY MEDIA – Germany: Consultant 2009 Continued



    Tele- and Data Communications

  • Testing Management:Testing & SW Specifications recommendationsSTB (Set Top Box) Middleware/Application testing in a Digital HE environment from Cisco (Scientific Atlanta, Tandberg…).
  • SW Specifications Analysis, Test Cases Definition, Execution, Supervision (Test Case Database Management; Bug tracking Management)
  • Test script writing
  • Defining Test plans and Test Cycles / Test Team Supervision / Release plans / GO –NO GO Advice
  • TS Analyzing by DekTec and Tektronix, support HE by Eventis-Casis tool.



    INDI – Belgium: Consultant 2006 – 2009



  • Scope: SW / HW Approval Project for HD (MPEG-4) Receiver + Recorder (PVR: IND- 5810CX, Non-PVR: IND-5800C; Supplier ADB).


  • Role: Supervisor of Application Testing on the different HW platforms (SDTV, HDTV; Receiver and PVR).


  • Test team supervision



    UNITY MEDIA – Germany: Consultant via PMTC / OPALDIS May 2006 – May 2008

    (This has been continued in parallel with the INDI project)


    STB Approval Project for Samsung and Technotrend Zapper Boxes.


    TELENET - Belgium: Consultant through QVALID 2005 – 2006


    STB Approval Project for Interactive STB’s and PVR (Personal Video Recording) + additional Zapper Boxes:


    SONY - Belgium (NETLINK, outsourced): 2003 - 2004


    •Scope: Project at SONY for different Digital TV SETS SW User Testing (specifications for different countries)


    •Role: SW Test Engineer




    ALCATEL, Telecommunications, Turkey, Belgium:1986-2003


    Performances 16+ years have been rewarded through steady progression into roles of increasing complexity and accountability. R&D assignments have fostered close and cooperative business networks both internally and externally.


    SW Test Engineer, Alcatel Bell, Antwerp, Belgium


    - Generation of the test script strategy, updating of customer depended test cases and testscripts.

    - Execution of manual and automated tests on VAX/VMS and UNIX Sun_Solaris, analysis of errors.

    - Preparation of error records and reporting the test results.

    - Package replacement on live system in different locations. Installation of new package. Implementation of new features. Examine and implement all existing functionalities in the package

    - Testing, analyzing , verifying, correcting, debugging the SW package.

    - Control existing tasks.

    - Acceptance tests.



    Service Center Engineer &

    Installation_Test Engineer Alcatel. 5+ year field experience.


    •Installation HW & SW in field. Installation and parameter setting of the package.

    •Installation and implementation of the public switching telephone network.

    •The maintenance of the network.

    •Solving SW, database (relational database) and HW problems. Immediate solutions for urgent problems.

    •Loading ELT(Extension Load Tape) on live system.

    •Perform testing, analyzing , verifying, correcting, debugging the SW package.

    •Verification tests, regression tests and acceptance tests in field.


    Telecom Expert, Alcatel Bell, Antwerp, Belgium

    Resolve issues in public switching telephone network – S1240, and drive a number of project integrations the trunk testing and man_machine modules. Included new features, performed testing, analysed, verified, corrected and debugged the SW package; investigated and reported faults; verified data for test models, and determined infrastructure to support test platforms. Directed the implementation of new features on existing analog and ISDN networks. Rolled out and tested for all Alcatel projects.


    Area of Expertise : SW integration test on public switching telephone network Alcatel_S1240. Identification of problem. Fault report generation on IBM, verification, testing, immediate solutions by PATCH on VAX/VMS and UNIX Solaris & DUR (Data update request). Specialized knowledge in the area. Coding and debugging in high level CHILL and debugging in intel assembler (80386). Analyzing and solving relational database problems.

    Man_machine communication –

    SAD (Subscriber Administration) ,Single line, Public – BCG (Business Communication Group)-PABX (DDI(Direct Dial In),NONDDI), BCG Centrex. PRA (Primary Rate Access) and MULTITENANT PRA handling.

    TAD (Trunk Administration). Trunk and Trunk status handling.


    Trunk observation on PC (Service Evaluation System)-

    Detailed information about call setup and used network identities. Implemented on field for Belgacom.

    Trunk observation on PC and Listening_In with semi permanent (SPC)connection.

    Trunk Testing -

    Quality measurement on speech and data network.

    CCITT N5, N7 , CAS signalling (R1,R2,decadic) .ETE(end-to-end), ACS(automatic call sender),

    ATME(automatic end-to-end), Manuel test, Local test, BER(bit error rate), LER(line error rate).







1.Aug.-Dec. 1986 Installation HW & SW test. Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

2.Mar.-May. 1991 ISDN overview. Alcatel Teletas in ISTANBUL

3.Jan.-Feb. 1992 GSM , IN(Intelligent Network).Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

4.Sep. 1999 UNIX, S12INT. Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

5.Sep 2001 C++ Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

6.Oct. 2002 NGN overview,SoftSwitch Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

7.Nov. 2002 Basics of IP Alcatel Bell in ANTWERPEN.

8.Sep. 2005 IDTV overview Telenet BELGIUM (Field exp.)

9.May – Aug. 2006 Digital HE Overview Unity Media Germany (Field Exp.)




English (fluent), Dutch(intermediate)


Available at interview





Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Blacksea Technical University, Turkey

Thesis subject: DC motor controller with tristor





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